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02 Sep 2018 Shisanyama Festival Eyadini Lounge Eyadini Lounge
01 Sep 2018 Shisanyama Festival Eyadini Lounge Eyadini Lounge
01 Sep 2018 4th Annual NMR Spring Party Pitso's Place Pitso's Place
31 Aug 2018 Dj Websta Obaleka Single Launch Engadini Lifestyle Engadini Lifestyle
26 Aug 2018 Naked Dj Birthday Celebration Eyadini Lounge Eyadini Lounge
The Man behind the Name, DJ Mario.

Mario is a young trendy DJ, music compiler, media personality and a brother. His time as an on-air personality has touched the hearts of many aspiring DJ, having started as a mix DJ for over 5 years. 

Being in the media space has allowed people to fall in love with his character and personality on and off air. His smooth voice and personality is a winner with the ladies yet he has a numerous amount of male fans due to his mixing skills where deejaying is concerned. He has a world of knowledge to offer any brand willing to partner with or endorse him.

The Brand

DJ Mario entertains weekly at prime partying venues all over South Africa, constantly sharing the DJ Booth with prominent local and international DJ’s. Mario has grown to delivering matured Dj sets in the prime legion of the very rare DJ breed that can eloquently present a tranquil mellow house set as good as his presentation of an up-tempo thumping set; favourably placing him as all-rounder DJ who can play at any time, with expertise to please divergent types of house music audience with his wide aural spectrum of house music. Mario is also known to keep MANY prominent Hip Hop Floors asking him why he isn’t a Regular…

The Future of the Brand.

Although mostly focusing on growing the DJ MARIO, now a registered company, to a well-known and celebrated entertainment brand nationally, he is also tirelessly working on producing and licensing music to form a music offering that will create a passage for him into the local dance music scene. The first DJ Mario single is currently cooking in the studio.

Watch out for DJ MARIO!

For booking or any other information, feel free to get in touch!

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